Called To Grow


When he describes the Kingdom of God, one of the comparisons Jesus uses is that of a mustard seed; so small as to seem insignificant, yet which grows into a tree where life flourishes.

“It is our prayer that we will encounter the Holy Spirit working in all sorts of unexpected ways as we pray and ponder, prioritise and plan.” Bishop Simon Burton-Jones

Called to Grow is a five step process developed as part of Called Together, to encourage and equip us to consider the whole life of our church community, and what God may be asking of us. It is underpinned by prayer and adaptable to any setting.

The simple steps use intentional planning and reviewing to shape our love for Christ and focus our energies so we are more effective in all we do as a Church.


The Steps

Step 1: Who are we? As a church, within our community

Step 2: What does this mean? For the church within our community 

Step 3: What now? To be the church we need to be within our community

Step 4: Let’s do it! With the church and our community

Step 5: What has happened?  Within our church and our community?


Please call back soon to see how our plans are developing