Church Hall

The hall is over 100 years old. The PCC commissioned a survey on the exterior of the hall in 2015 which stated it needed major work. This will cost at least £30,000 and does not include repairing the windows - potentially a further £12,000 - nor any interior refurbishment which may be necessary. The PCC would like to initiate a process to learn what the church members, users, and people of Otford feel about the future of the church hall.


During 2018, the PCC will be consulting widely on the future of the St Barts Church Hall. The PCC has reached no conclusions about the future of the hall and want to listen to your ideas.

The consultation will be in two phases:

  1. A period of 40 days during which church members can put forward comments, suggestions, or ask for more information. This will be followed by a briefing on Sat 01 September.
  2. A further period of open consultation for 36 days during which village residents may offer their comments, concluding with an open morning on Sat 06 October.

We welcome comments from everyone, but will evaluate those from village residents once church members have had an opportunity to express their opinion.

After the meetings the PCC will consider all responses before deciding what to do next. No further deadlines have been set at this stage, but the state of the hall suggests a pressing requirement to find a long term solution.

Please take care to note the important dates of this consultation in the table below. 

Important dates

Event Date
Consultation launched - your opportunity to
participate starts
Sun 24 June
Church Hall open to visitors

Mon 23 July 14:00-16:00 and 18:00-20:00
Sat 14 July 10:00-12:00

Consultation period ends

Fri 03 August

Open morning to church members

Sat 01 September
Open morning to hall users and Otford
community in the Church Hall
Sat 17 November, 10am-12 noon
in the Church Hall

Consideration of submissions by the PCC

Early 2019


Please find information below about the consultation process; how you can get involved; and reference material you may find of interest.

Background information

Ways you can get involved

If you have views on the future of the Hall, there are several ways to get in touch:

  • Fill in the consultation form below
  • Email us at
  • Write your comment/idea down and place it in the suggestions box inside the church centre of St Barts Church.
  • Write to the church. The address is: St Bartholomews Church, The Church Centre, The Green, Otford TN14 5PD.

Church Hall Consultation Form