Church Flowers

We are a village surrounded by beautiful countryside and as such, we like to decorate our church accordingly. For the pillar decorations we try to use wild and hedgerow plants and flowers. The ledges on the pillars are just large enough to hold pots of primroses and wild cherry at Easter, garlands of holly and ivy at Christmas and the wonderful colours of spindle, hawthorn, hips and sloes together with old man’s beard, Kent cobs and hops at Harvest. There used to be moon daisies and sorrel at Whitsuntide and white and red flowers for the wind and fire of Pentecost. The challenge of finding the right materials for the different festivals keeps one pleasurably aware of nature’s delights through the seasons.

Arranging flowers can seem a daunting prospect, but here at St Bart’s help is always to hand. On a weekly basis, flowers are placed on the two altars. A flower rota is available, on the notice board at the back of the Church, for anyone to sign and arrange flowers on a chosen date, perhaps in remembrance or for a special anniversary. These days supermarkets sell ready arranged bunches so on such occasions the task can be made easy. There are 52 Sundays to be filled each year so volunteers are so always welcome.

Joan Beacom organises the rota and co-ordinates a friendly group of flower arrangers who mainly come together for the major festivals of Christmas, Easter and Harvest. It is wonderful to see the Church filling up with colour.

There are many different vases to choose from such as brass, ceramic, glass and plastic. Oasis is a wonderful tool as the flowers really do stay where you put them. Contributions of flowers and foliage are always welcome, as we need arrangements for windowsills and around the memorials. We tend to have colour themes such as white at Easter, red green and gold at Christmas and the glorious oranges and yellows of Harvest.

We should love to see some new faces joining our group and look forward to greeting you as you sign up to the flower list.