"Legacy of a Dictator" a talk by Graham Perolls

Date: 30th October 2019

Time: 19:30

“Legacy of a dictator” talk by Graham Perolls

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the collapse of the Ceausescu regime in Romania our Founder, Graham Perolls, will be giving a presentation called “Legacy of a Dictator” at St Bartholomew’s Church Centre in Otford on Wednesday 30th October at 7.30pm.

He will be describing the terrible and long lasting impact that Nicolae Ceausescu had on Romania and its people. He will also talk about his own personal journey – how witnessing the appalling conditions in a Romanian state hospital led him to set up Hospices of Hope and introduce hospice care into Romania.

The regime cast long shadows over the country but despite the years of oppression. Graham met a group of people who were determined to improve things for people facing terminal illness in Romania. The talk will describe the challenges he and his team faced introducing palliative care into a country that had become accustomed to ignoring the sick.

Tickets for the event cost £10 per person and include cheese and wine. They can be booked through the charity’s website, by email or by phoning us on 01959 525110.


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